Cookie Policy

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Yes, this site uses cookies. But what are cookies and what are they used for?

What Are Cookies?

In terms of computers, cookies are tiny text files. They are created from the websites you are visiting. Cookies store information, e.g. your preferred language or other personal site related settings. But also, what kind of goods are you interested in, in case you are visiting and web shop.

Why Do I Need Cookies?

Cookies are valuable when it comes to online marketing. The collected user data are the technological base to personalize and optimize online marketing campaigns. But a website only has access to the data you are willing to share. You can define this either in the site related cookie dialog or in your browser settings.

How Can I Deactivate Cookies?

If you do not want a website to create cookies, you have two options. Either you partly allow or generally forbid the creation of cookies for a dedicated site by use of the sites cookies settings dialog or you can generally prevent any site to create settings via your browser settings dialog. Please check your browser’s help or manual where exactly this settings are. Most browsers also provide a search bar for settings. Just search for deactivate cookies there. But be aware that this may limit the functionality of websites.